Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik

Berikut adalah gambaran petikan dialog drama pentas pada Jumaat lalu, babak sedang bermesyuarat;

Latif: Excuse me, but I won’t give cooperation in this project. I am the one that should lead the project. I’ve been 5 years in this company, I am much better than Mr. Ariji.

Ariji: Mr. Latif, This project is for the welfare of the community. One of the company’s values is teamwork. In the Koran, chapter 5 verse 2, it says; “Bond together in piety and righteousness”. This verse is about the teamwork.

Latiff: But we can make much more profit, if we cheat in this project. Money is everything, you know.

Ariji: Integrity is one of the core values of employability. For example, in the history of the Prophet Musa, he was employed by his future father in law because of his integrity. In the Koran, chapter 28 verse 26, it says; “For the best to be hired is one who is strong and honest.”

Latiff: Why should I learn from you?

Ariji: Mr. Latif, we have to be active-learners. There is a prayer in the Koran, chapter 20 verse 114; it says; "My Lord, please increase my knowledge."


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